SDHI post-graduate retreat! Oct 30-31st 2013

SDHI would like to invite you to attend a 2-day Research Retreat in the beautiful confines of Kindrogan Field Centre near Pitlochry ( on October 30th and 31st of this year. More information is provided on the attached, but in essence, our goal is to provide a safe and supportive ‘space’ where doctoral students and other early career researchers can discuss issues of relevance to them as they seek to complete projects and develop their careers.


The Retreat is open to all (health-related) researchers in the Universities of Dundee and St Andrews, with a preference for those who self-define as ‘early career’. The cost of the meeting (including accommodation and meals) is just £140 per person, which we hope is affordable for you (and anyone precluded from attending through lack of access to funds is encouraged to contact us for further discussions).

If you are interested in attending, then please contact Rosanne Bell ( to note an interest and/or reserve a place. If you would like to make suggestions for topics of discussion, then do please contact Huw Davies ( or Gozde Ozakinci (


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