A Research assistant position in health psychology!

We have an exciting position as a research assistant to work with me and Gerry Humphris, Hannah Dale, and Steve Leung exploring the use of teachable moment hypothesis in behaviour change! Here is the link to the post: https://www.vacancies.st-andrews.ac.uk/ViewVacancy.aspx?enc=mEgrBL4XQK0+ld8aNkwYmCrltX74fY7z7R73q+LbI/bcQDQKV3LxldTgFrhxVtMJQs2BKUwTLmO+Ac+pyiLuPQ15WbDhsbMrSAOdImaQiSCIRJjMrRTYgV7ew6bvxuzouaoe0obJ2AQxdt8IqPaJJA==

If you have any questions, please get in touch!

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