Aleksandra Sobota

Fertility related issues among women receiving gynecological cancer treatment

In June 2011 I graduated from The Medical University of Warsaw and in March 2012 I successfully completed my degree in psychology at the University of Warsaw. During the time of my studies I had a chance to do a one-month internship in forensic medicine in Thessaloniki (Greece), spent a year in France studying medicine at Lille Catholic University, and a few months in Sion (Switzerland) working in a surgical department. After graduation I worked for a year (2011-2012) in one of Warsaw’s leading clinical hospitals affiliated to the Postgraduate Medical Education Centre where I received a basic medical training.

However, I have always been interested in how medicine and psychology overlap and therefore my decision to continue to do a PhD in health psychology.

My PhD project concerns fertility and parenthood issues in gynecological cancer patients, specifically the treatment decision-making process related to fertility concerns and predictors of infertility-related distress. However, I would like to look at those from a slightly different than a solely medical perspective. David F. Marks once wrote “health psychology should accept its interdisciplinary nature, venture more often out of the clinical arena, drop white-coated scientism, and relocate in the richer cultural, sociopolitical and community contexts of society” [1]. Pursuing this thought I would like incorporate the cultural factors into my research by conducting it in two different socio-cultural settings – the Polish one, which I know quite well and the Scottish one, which I only begin to befriend with.

I love cats, books by Jacek Hugo-Bader (a must read for everyone who’s a least slightly interested in Russian culture and society) and traveling, as far as possible.

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Presentations and poster sessions

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