Lab alumni

PhD students:

Rachel Nutt (2019):

Rachel Nutt did her PhD on The Illness Perceptions of Working Age Attendees of Cardiac Rehabilitation Programme: Facilitation of long-term lifestyle change and was supported by ESRC and Fife Sports and Leisure Trust.

Pelin Ozgur Polat (2018):

Pelin Ozgur Polat, whose PhD was co-supervised by Prof Gerry Humphris and I, worked on developing cross-cultural physical activity messages.

Aleksandra Sobota (2016):

Aleksandra Sobota, did her PhD on fertility-related issues among breast and gynecological cancer patients.

Hannah Dale (2016):

Hannah Dale, whose PhD was co-supervised by Prof. Gerry Humphris and I, worked on issues that pertain to men with cancer.

Ross Whitehead (2012):

Ross Whitehead, whose PhD was co-supervised by Prof. David Perrett and I, worked on appearance-based interventions for healthy eating.